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Can Dual N-Back Training Increase Intelligence (G)? A Scientific Primer

Can dual n-back training increase intelligence? This question has sparked off an animated debate going on among scientists, journalists, and social media pundits. I’ve been involved in an extended Quora debate on this topic myself recently. Who hasn’t been involved in this debate? I want to take the opportunity to clarify some key definitions that help […]

Dual N-Back Strategies

How To Optimize Your Dual N-back Training The question ‘What are the best strategies for increasing my dual n-back level?’ should be reframed as ‘What are the best strategies for increasing my working memory capacity and for improving my overall cognitive functioning?’ Before we tackle this question directly let us review some of the science. […]

How To Optimize Your Dual N-Back Training

Ensure that you maximize the ‘core dual n-back training’ effect by adopting the following principles. Minimize going into ‘automatic pilot’ in the game. Ensure you are always putting in effort and the task is always challenging and absorbing. Ensure that you work at successfully ignoring distracting information – focusing on only what is needed for […]

iq bell curve

What Is An IQ Score?

What is an IQ Test? What is an Accurate IQ Test? While people have different cognitive strengths and weaknesses (e.g. language, music, math, visual), consistent correlations between them show us there is a common component to all of these called ‘general intelligence’ or ‘G‘. G is measured with a variety of psychometric assessments including IQ […]