Does DNB Pro require an iPhone or Android phone?

No, DNB Pro has a desktop / laptop version (pricing table here). The scientifically valid cognitive test battery (including IQ and EQ tests) that comes with the app license is also a desktop app. This is an optional way of tracking your training gains objectively.

Can I use DNB Pro on a tablet / iPad?

Yes, on either iPads or Android tablets.

Do I need a Facebook account to use DNB Pro? Multiplayer?

No. You can do effective DNB Pro training for increased IQ and performance without Facebook. However, playing with friends in multi-player mode requires a Facebook account The app lets you know when an option needs Facebook.

How do ‘Neurons’ work?

The currency used by DNB Pro is ‘Neurons’. Neurons  are just an incentive system to motivate your training. If you choose multi-player (which is purely optional) you can can win Neurons through n-back contests. You also get an neuron bonus by playing in team mode.

Can I train on my phone while travelling and then switch to my desktop and pick up from where I left off?

Yes, your account is multi-platform. Just download the smart phone app and the desktop app and register. The same registration details can be used to logon to any platform.

Do I need the Internet access to use DNB Pro?

Yes, the multiplayer games require that you have a wi-fi / Internet connection. This is because your data is stored on the cloud to share across your devices, and you need to be online to play multi-player.

What IQ gain can I expect from DNB Pro training?

From 40 Sessions of training, 15 minutes per Session, we predict at least a 10 point IQ increase on standardized, culture fair IQ tests (such as Raven’s Progressive Matrices) from DNB Pro training. This typically takes 6 weeks with semi-regular training. Some of this effect will be due to practice effects but a significant amount will be due to the training itself. The evidence for this and its underlying neuroplasticity mechanisms is reviewed here.

How do I know if I’ve improved my IQ?

Your license comes with two valid, standardized IQ tests. These measure of your current baseline IQ and your post-training IQ level after the six weeks of training.

How long do I need to train to get long-term benefits and neuroplasticity change?

The training program can be done in 20 days, 20 minutes per day which equates to 40 Sessions. The training is challenging but enjoyable. You could think of it as the mental equivalent of high intensity interval training.

What other tests do I get with my license?

Along with the IQ tests, we also provide valid, standardized tests for:

  • EQ
  • Decision-making
  • Resilience
  • Working memory (another measure of IQ)
  • Burnout

What is the scientific evidence for the claimed benefits?

The app implements the dual n-back combined with interference control. This kind of cognitive training is well-established in cognitive neuroscience and has been developed over more than a decade. The scientist developing this gamified implementation – Dr. Ashton Smith – is a University of Pittsburgh/CMU cognitive neuroscientist Ph.D., with research positions including 3 years at Cambridge University. The scientific evidence for increases in working memory and fluid reasoning (both sub-factors of IQ) is reviewed with references here.

Can I try out the app before purchasing?

Yes, you can go to the mobile App Store or Google Play and download the app, and try the game for free  This will enable you to see if you can do dual n-back training – which is challenging. After downloading the app check out this tutorial. Note that in game play you can switch to emotional n-back, increased speed, or sound on/off  at any time.

The free accounts are set to practice mode, and there is no multiplayer option. You can train for two ‘blocks’ per day, which gives you a feel for the game. But 10 blocks make up a Session, and you need to complete a Session for any neuroplasticity change and improved cognition.

With the subscription accounts you also gain access to the scientifically valid cognitive tests enabling you measure and track key cognitive abilities.