• Classic dual n-back

    Classic dual n-back

    DNB Pro implements the classic Jaeggi n-back with precision, with additional features such as speed and sound feedback options.

  • Emotional dual n-back

    Emotional dual n-back

    DNB Pro implements a version of the emotional dual n-back. Research has found this benefits emotion regulation as well as IQ.

  • Interference Control

    Interference Control

    Built in interference control (not in standard dual n-back games) strengthens the link between fluid Intelligence & n-back performance.

  • Valid IQ Tests

    Valid IQ Tests

    DNB Pro comes with short, scientifically valid pre and post-training IQ tests, with additional free links to full-length external IQ tests.

  • Psych Test Battery

    Psych Test Battery

    The license includes tests for working memory, EQ, decision-making, stress & mental health, so you can track your training gains.

  • Gamified Multiplatform

    Gamified Multiplatform

    One Unity account for multiple devices: mobile, tablet or desktop – iOS, iPad, Android, Mac or PC. Train at home & on the move.

I’m an air traffic controller for the FAA and since I’ve started using your software, I have noticed considerable improvements in my mental acuity while working. I will be transferring to a higher volume facility within several months and would like as much of an advantage during a 3 year intense training to succeed overall and possible promotion.
Bill Bernadin
- Air Traffic Controller
BRUTAL...I love it! I think it will be a huge success. I think it will appeal, not only to the brain training crowd, but also those who are looking for a fun, competitive game.
Eddie K.
Eddie K.
Amazon Reviewer
I have tried a couple of other n-back apps but I must say that I enjoy this one the most. I love to have it on my phone so that I am able to play on the bus or whenever I am on the go.
Environments Analyst
When I did the independent IQ tests before starting with your software last year in the pre tests it said 127 and after the training in the 138-140 range and I really enjoyed using it.
C. Keddie
C. Keddie